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About Manufacture Results & Al Lenac

If you’re at this website, it’s likely because you’ve known me personally or heard of us through someone you know.  The culture we’re building is to be professional and have some fun along the way as we learn together and work on creating win/win scenarios. You can click here to check out what we’ve been up to recently if you are interested.

Values might be personal or in business we might call it a culture.  It’s ultimately the “North Star” and your navigational point for all things you do.  Special thanks to Matt Paknis for showing me the way.

Many hands make for light work.”

Understand that you’re a part of something bigger and bring your network together on common ground to create win/win scenarios.

One learns by listening, doing and trying.  Be rested and open to change and opportunities.

My expertise is my ability to communicate and understand the expertise of others to see when their knowledge and talents can best be utilized.  You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room if you can surround yourself with good communicators who can communicate and simplify the complex.

Play loose – Winners typically smile and laugh.     

Work should not be hard or considered shear drudgery. Playing hard is energizing and easy while working hard is tiring and requires much effort.   Long term gains come from playing, happiness and winning. 

Move with purpose, fall forward. 

Freedom, courage and decisiveness are wonderful traits.  Confidence to be flexible and move forward for betterment of others is energizing. 

Al’s career covered over 20 years of extensive industrial engineering experience working for high-profile companies such as Ingersoll-Rand and Saint-Gobain where he has multiple patents.  Al has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering Technology and is knowledgeable in Lean, ISO and Six Sigma methodology.  His involvement with product and process innovations and improvements is instrumental in helping client’s define their qualifying activities. 

Al works closely with CPA’s and manages client relationships in the greater NYC area in advising them on the tax regulations and how to gain maximum benefits from the federal and state R&D tax incentives.

Al Lenac – Founding Member
(Actually it’s Albert but unless you’ve known me from high school or before I don’t hear that.) And there is a story behind my middle name which really doesn’t exist on any formal documentation but that’s a talk for a future day too.